GoDoctor is an Efficient and Successful tool for future planning


No doubt GoDoctor is an efficient and successful tool for your future planning. You will be surprised how easy it is to keep on top of your business with GoDoctor. You are attracting as well impressing more patients and your clinic is operating quickly & efficiently, but at the end it all comes down to finances. It doesn’t matter, GoDoctor’s provides you the solution of each and everything.
GoDoctor tracks everything you need to know when it comes to your business objectives. Flexible built-in business reports help you allocate your resources, budget effectively and measure your success. Eliminate the time it takes to manage practitioners. GoDoctor adds all of your practitioner details securely in one place, allowing you to manage employees and staff easily.
With GoDoctor you can easily capture comprehensive patient admission data. Clinical audits may be performed at the touch of a button. Group cases by treatment, area and practitioner. Online Bookings with GoDoctor is very easy. As people today living in a fast paced world and shift work now the norm, it doesn't always suit patients to call you during normal clinic hours. Online Bookings opens your clinic to receiving bookings 24/7 whilst eliminating tedious administration.
No problem GoDoctor resolved the issue of receptionist. Whether you have no receptionist, or you are missing valuable appointments due to your busy phone line, 24/7 Reception is the solution. GoDoctor 24/7 Reception is the only reception service in the industry whose staff are fully trained in clinic operations and available 24/7/365.
GoDoctor is setup with automatic text reminders to help combat the menacing DNA. Even better, set up automatic notifications that let clients know whenever someone cancels and a spot from the waiting list opens up. This simple feature may reduce your DNAs by up to 90%! With GoDoctor it is very easy to toggle between appointment books and report on your finances separately for each location.