EMR (Electronic Medical Records) in Pakistan


What is EMR ?

EMR stands for Electronic Medical Records, is the systematized collection of patient and population electronically-stored health information in a digital format i.e. the digital equivalent of paper records, or charts. EMRs basically contain general information like treatment and medical history about a patient as it is collected by the individual medical practice.

Importance of EMR in Pakistan

No one can deny the importance of EMR system in Pakistan. The implementation of an EMR system in Pakistan will be beneficial to hospitals and doctor's offices. Because, the ability to organize and display medical data in a meaningful way which follows some type of standardization and the ability to transfer records to other locations in times will be the requirements of any EMR system. Through EMR systems in Pakistan we may transfer data very quickly and effectively. EMR systems may improve the efficiency and quality of health services in Pakistan.

Prominent Benefits of EMR in Pakistan

Following are the prominent benefits of EMR in Pakistan:

  • Ability to share the information between different locations easily
  • Increase efficiency & patient satisfaction
  • Track data over time
  • Identify patients who are due for preventive visits & screenings
  • Monitor how patients measure up to certain parameters, like vaccinations & BP readings
  • Improve overall quality of care in practice
  • Improved diagnosis and treatment
  • Significantly fewer errors found within personal health records
  • Faster care and decision making responses from assigned medical professionals
  • The ability to quickly transfer patient data from one department to the next is a huge asset
  • The space saving benefit of a digital records environment
  • The ability to ultimately increase the number of patients served per day for enhanced patient workflow and increased productivity
  • Improved results management and patient care with a reduction in errors within your medical practice
  • Reduced operational costs such as transcription services and overtime labor expenses
  • Customizable and scalable electronic medical records that can grow with your practice
  • Advanced e-Prescribing and clinical documentation capabilitie
  • Plus an improved bottom line of the healthcare practice, enhanced through the ability to more accurately and efficiently process patient billing
  • By implementing EMR, patient data can be tracked over an extended period of time by multiple healthcare providers
  • EMR system in Pakistan has the financial benefits as well

Successful Implementation of EMR in Pakistan

With the successful implementation of EMR in Pakistan, patients may also become more involved in their care by exploring patient-specific education resources. EMR software systems will provide links to articles, videos, and images which may help patients better understand their specific healthcare situation. With EMR technology in Pakistan, patients may make more informed decisions about medical procedures and lifestyle adjustments.
Using EMR systems in Pakistan, patients may quickly and easily receive electronic copies of their healthcare information upon request. In the event they choose to change healthcare providers, the universal detailed medical record will help give the patients’ new healthcare provider a comprehensive understanding of their medical history and current state of health. Healthcare facilities will still be able to exchange patient information if the patient does not request it.


GoDoctor – Doctor’s Favorite Choice of EMR in Pakistan

GoDoctor is the Doctor’s favorite choice of EMR in Pakistan now-a-days. GoDoctor is a Practice Management Software developed for clinical practice in Pakistan. This application seamlessly integrates all elements of Practice into one easy-to-use system. There are quite a few number of practicing software developed throughout the world but GoDoctor is specially designed keeping in view the clinical practice in Pakistan. It integrates EMR (Electronic Medical Record) of Patients into one comprehensive and fully manageable application. The plus point it carries is that all the database is operated over cloud servers and is accessible on everywhere so you can practice on the Go! Please contact us for the successful implementation of EMR in Pakistan.