Enhance Your Clinical Practice in Pakistan with GoDoctor

Verbessern Sie Ihre klinische Praxis in Pakistan mit GoDoctor

A strong & advanced clinic management system

GoDoctor is the number one choice for clinics in Pakistan who intends to enhance their business. GoDoctor is a comprehensive and easy to use clinic management software which also has the ability and flexibility to maintain with complex workflows & specific requirements. GoDoctor is a strong, advanced, secure and powerful with cloud based support and development i.e. all the database is operated over cloud servers and is accessible on anywhere at any time.

Packed with Prominent Features

To make running a clinic smooth

Go-Doctor helps you generate revenue, improve competitiveness, streamline admin, target marketing spend & analyze success. GoDoctor puts every clinic in Pakistan in a position to perform at their best. With GoDoctor, you will find a packed prominent features & easy to use interface. At GoDoctor’s core is an intuitive practice management system which allows rapid appointment booking, easy billing, clinical data, complex reporting & fast marketing.


Appointments and Beautifully Designed Diary

Manage all appointments is very easy

With Go-Doctor beautifully designed diary you can easily manage all your new appointments very quickly. If you have multiple sites, diaries may be set up for each location. Appointments may be reserved for practitioners as well for rooms and for special pieces of equipment. It means there is no chance of double booking. Go-Doctor is securely hosted in the cloud so it is straightforward to check information from locations other than your clinic.

Easily Manage Diary Views

You have multiple options to view appointments which shows who is coming in and allows you to mark patients. All list may be printed and emailed. You may view lists by day or week & if you have a number of different sites, you may view by individual clinic or for the complete group. Informing patients about their appointment is very simple and may be done automatically by mail or text, as many days before the appointment according to your desire.


View Your Diary on Mobile App

GoDoctor mobile app allows you to view appointments on the move from your cell Phone. The mobile app lets you view your appointments, check patient information, type appointment notes, take photographs and attach them to the patient. One of the biggest challenges clinics face in Pakistan is growing its customer base. GoDoctor provides you with the latest tools you need to connect and attract patient 24/7.

Online Healthcare System in Pakistan

No doubt, many systems around the world are in fact based upon Healthcare system of any country. The biggest advantage of Healthcare System is that everybody has access to exactly the same healthcare. Keep it in mind that you will be treated in exactly the same way by the doctors as in the other countries of the world.

One of the most prominent advantages of a healthcare system in Pakistan is the fact that information on patients would be shared between medical establishments. It comes in the form of electronic medical records (EMR) in Pakistan. Now, it is pertinent to mention here that not every medical center has completely digitized their records at present, although it will most likely happen in near future as it is the need of the hour. It doesn’t matter where you go, doctors and nurses will be the access of your records.

Most people believe that online healthcare system in Pakistan will be the best choice for those who cannot afford private health care insurance. No doubt, it is an expensive investment and regardless the occupation and age; all people should have the standard healthcare. Therefore, the online healthcare system in Pakistan will provide health treatment for people in the same way without discrimination.